Daedalus’ team of dedicated, in-house Cost Estimators includes specialists in civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical cost estimating. We estimate on all building types, at all stages of design – from conceptual through to construction documents, change orders, and close-out. Our nationwide network of contacts and careful analysis of bid results ensures that we have the most up-to-date information regarding market costs and regional valuation. The estimating team additionally benefits from access to our Project Managers, who provide invaluable input regarding site logistics, schedules, and the latest methods being used in the field.

We utilize BIM models at all stages of design. Our estimates can be compiled in CSI, Uniformat, and/or Building Systems format, as per client requirements. The Director of Cost Estimating, Delwyn Williamson, leads our team of specialists. In addition to Cost Estimating service, we are also available for reconciliations and can advise on overall project budget and scheduling. We frequently provide life-cycle cost analyses and value management recommendations. Daedalus will customize our suite of services to accommodate the needs of each client and project.


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Master Planning

We perform comprehensive reviews of master plans for campuses, municipalities, and school districts, providing accurate cost projections that facilitate a more strategic approach to broad-scale capital expenditure.

Initial Concept Review

By assessing project feasibility and reviewing the program needs, site elements, and anticipated design features, our estimates help with the development of a more accurate and realistic preliminary project budget.

Green & Sustainable Initiatives

We are experienced in evaluating and estimating plans that integrate alternative energy sources, utilize environmentally conscious design practices and materials options, and employ LEED construction standards.

Life- Cycle Cost Analysis

Our team provides comprehensive reports that evaluate up-front capital expenditure versus long-term operational costs, with consideration given to program needs and design requirements.

Market Conditions & Cost Research

We consider information gleaned from nationwide escalation indices, analysis of bid returns, records of historic and current materials costs, and our network of subcontractors across the country. These resources, combined with our extensive experience, help us make highly accurate predictions about project costs.

Construction Options

During preliminary planning stages – particularly feasibility studies – our team can help assess the cost, scheduling, and program implications of various construction options. These include weighing new construction against renovation/addition projects, and assessing the relative merit of potential sites.

Reconciliation & Negotiation

By meeting with other independent cost estimating firms and the design team, we are able to verify that our estimates appropriately quantify design elements, are in line with design intent, and assume the correct means and methods of construction.

Value Engineering & Value Management

Daedalus can assess of the anticipated function, quality, performance, cost, and value of design elements. We provide impartial information that helps clients make decisions about these elements so that they can get the best possible design for their money, without sacrificing quality.

“Daedalus has consistently impressed us and our clients with the accuracy and detail of their estimates, whether at a schematic level or at the completion of contract documents … [the] staff at Daedalus are always willing to do a little extra to make the quality of their estimates even better and to customize the estimate for our clients needs. We feel fortunate to have worked with such a competent professional team and look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner, AIA | Principal, | Historic Building Architects, LLC

“For us at KBA, comparing to Daedalus to other cost estimating firms is like comparing 3-D to two-dimensional images. They bring so much more to the estimating process, becoming active project team members who contribute to project buildability.”

Michael McKeon, AIA, LEED AP, MCPPO | Principal, | Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.